About us

My name is Julia Kloosterman.fotooverons

I found the need to work together with Ayahuasc, after many years of experience in care, nurturing and preventive working on the health of our body and mind. The urge even became so big that I decided to organize Ayahuasca ceremonies myself.

I have been trained to be a nurse and have practiced this profession for a couple of years. Amongst other things I worked in elderly care, nursing homes, district nursing, mentally handicapped care and in the psychiatry.

Unfortunately I could not keep working in this sector because of a lot of negative personal relations. This is the reason why I stopped doing this line of work after 8 years. After some schooling I landed on my feet in the sport world. I have been working in this sector for over 20 years now.

As a little girl I experienced visions and as a toddler I felt that there is more between heaven and earth. I started focusing on the spiritual side when I was very young, mainly because of the visions and feeling. Another thing that interests me, even to this day, is the soul of people.

After a lot of negative relations/experiences that I had encountered as a young adult, I thought it was time to dive deeper into the spiritual side. A thing I noticed was that I was being impeded by these negative encounters.

I follow an astrology course. I went to paranormal fairs, I started to learn about aura-healing, reflex therapy, etc. I have always been doing that in my spare time, because I felt that I needed a physical challenge at work.

However, the urge to guide people in their spiritual growth has never truly disappeared, which eventually made me and up at mother Ayahuasca.

She showed me, made me feel and experience that I was not done with my life, with my goal.

Immediately at the first ceremony became crystal clear that I had not truly processed the old traumas that I had encountered as a young woman. Mother Ayahuasca showed me that I had burned all of it, my whole past. It were kilometers of pastures that were burned. That place in my heart was broken-down, burned, dead. She made me believe in myself. She told me that I could and should fill up the burned spaces, with love. But I also needed to give love, help people, guide people. She showed me that the little toddler was on the right track, but got lost. This experience opened my eyes and I knew in that moment that I wanted to share the experience with people.

I naturally ended up with the right folks that helped me further in the right direction. I am still very grateful to those people. I eventually made the step, together with other supervisors, my mother and my partner, to make my dream come true: working together with Ayahuasca.

I am looking forward to guiding you on your journey.

Dedicated supervisors will lovingly approach and support you during your journey. We’ll do anything to give you a warm and safe feeling so you can completely surrender yourself to your journey.

We work with small groups, max. of 6 persons. This is to make sure everyone gets enough attention during his journey. We also provide the option ‘private session’ and ‘duo session’. For more information, check the ‘Prices’ tab.