Ayahuasca ceremony

At the private session or duo session you are expected at 11:00.
At the group session you are expected at 17:00.

When you arrive we will get acquainted over a nice cup of tea.

Then we briefly discuss your intention:
– Why do you drink the Ayahuasca tea?
– What are your questions/intentions?

It is considered wise to bring slippers and wear easy cloths. After getting acquainted and discussing your intention, you will be given the opportunity to get dressed. If you prefer to lay on your own pillow then you are (of course) allowed to take it with you.

After this the Ayahuasca tea is being drunk and the journey begins.

The ceremony contains two parts.

You will be offered Ayahuasca two times.

After the experience we will discuss how you experienced your journey. Also you will be given the chance to drink something, eat some fresh fruit or some bread.

Your wellbeing is our first priority!