Ayahuasca: what is it?

The natural made Ayahuasca is the name of a thee brew that expands the mind. Ayahuasca is being used by Indian tribes in and around the Amazon region. These tribes use Ayahuasca in a cleansing ritual for body and mind. The origination date of Ayahuasca is unknown, but it is clear that it has been used for hundreds of years. Ayahuasca is a recipe that contains two main ingredients: the psychotria viridis plant and the banisteriopsis caapi. The brew is also called ‘the twiner of the soul’, because of the ingredients and the effect of the brew. Ayahuasca has a psychotropic effect. Ayahuasca is often used during religious meetings, to create a different perspective on consciousness. For both religion on local level as for certain Catholic movements Ayahuasca is used as a holy sacrament to bring the soul to other realities.

The effects of Ayahuasca

Although Ayahuasca is commonly known for its mind-expanding effect, it does also have some positive medical side effects. Ayahuasca (and specifically banisteriopsis caapi) contains harmaline, a sort of MAO inhibitors. MAO inhibitors help facing clinical depression. Apparently the MAO inhibitors also help fighting parasites in de human body. If we look at the psychotria virdis plant we will find some positive medical side effects there, too. The substance dimethyltryptamine, commonly known as DMT drugs is found in this plant. DMT drugs provide a liberating and spiritual function. DMT drugs make the ego disappear and help you to feel more connected to the outside world, they also create a state of mind where boundaries between individual and universe fade away.

Ayahuasca The Netherlands

Ayahuasca The Netherlands is founded in 1992. Geraldine Fijneman (from Amsterdam) introduced Ayahuasca The Netherlands, after she came in contact with the brew in South-America. Ayahuasca The Netherlands is actually only used in ritual context, as we do at Ayahuasca Zuid-Limburg. It is important to drink the thee in the correct setting with proper guidance, because of the unique experience of Ayahuasca. Our dedicated supervisors make sure that the journey to a broader perspective will be lovingly approached. Together we will create a warm and safe feeling. It is possible to participate in a small group ritual (of max. 6 persons; so everybody gets enough attention). Private sessions or duo sessions are also available. Do you want to experience a fantastic Ayahuasca The Netherlands ritual? Visit Ayahuasca Zuid-Limburg!