Experience 1

After reading about Ayahuasca ceremonies a couple of times I got interested pretty quickly. I could never completely get it out of my head. It is as they say: mother Ayahuasca calls you. I was curious, but also a bit frightened at the same time. The following weeks I did some research and decided to go for it. Mostly I chose to do it because I wanted to get to know myself better, to get answers.

It was a day I will never forget. As soon as we started I felt completely safe in the hands of the supervisors. I imagined that I would see the most beautiful things, but that was not the case, Ayahuasca gives you what you need, not what you want. The journey was very rough, both physically and mentally. It was in the days after the ceremony that I realized I’d got a very clear image of myself. It was, literally, shown to me where I got stuck, within myself. Now, months later, things that I saw that day are still on my mind. It is a lasting experience. I can move forward with this. It thought me so much!

Experience 2

Spiritual Growth!!
For years I have been searching for more peace and happiness in my life.
After a lot of research I ended up with Julia, to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony.
Even though I did read a lot about Ayahuasca on the internet, I was still very nervous to participate.
When I arrived I received a warm welcome and got offered a cup of tea, I immediately felt more relaxed. It was like everything just vaporized. I think I went six times to the bathroom before we started.
I chose for a private session, which I really liked.
Online I had read that it is probably better to perform a Ayahuasca ceremony in a group, but because I am very sensitive and often insecure in a group, I wanted to do it, (at least the first time), alone.
After half an hour I noticed that I started seeing a lot of colors, it kind of looked like a kaleidoscope. I also started seeing many white flashes of light, those were so white! I have never seen such a white color. The strange thing is, it didn’t hurt my eyes for a bit, because it was a very nice shade of white.
Another thing I saw were a lot of animals. The animals just appeared in the colors. For example, I saw a leopard, and I flew with an eagle. What an incredible feeling is that! I could even communicate with the leopard, in some way. I saw mother Ayahuasca. She took me to places and made me see and feel things.
I wanted to join her for the whole journey, but I got afraid. Something came over me which made me unable to join mother Ayahuasca any further. It was like you had to do something first, you had to sacrifice something, process something, before it becomes beautiful again!
I did not throw up. I had to go to the restroom, more than usual, but I did not encounter any other physical inconveniences. Now, two weeks later, I still get flashbacks. But not only flashbacks, some things just start to make sense now. Things that did not make any sense when I saw them while preforming the ceremony. It is like you suddenly approach things very differently… and the best part, I do not feel lonely anymore! We are all connected with each other, so we are never truly alone!!
Julia, and your mother, who is also an amazing woman (by the way),
thank you so much! I will be back soon!

Experience 3

Dear Julia,
First, I want to compliment and thank you for the way you guided us, amazing! I defenitly have some side effects and insights. After I got home I was soooooo relaxed that my oldest son, (he is 11 years old), basically wanted to crawl inside of me, hug me, pet me, something he’d normally never do. This was a nice gift that I got in return for the though journey that I’d made last Tuesday. I am becoming more aware of the dimensions that I tend to live in, the energy which is withdraw in this dimensions, and the fact that I have to listen more to my own body. I would gladly return with my husband for the next journey. Lots of love,

Experience 4

Hi Julia, I want to let you know that my girlfriend is doing absolutely great since she visited you. Shoulder problems, which she had for two whole years, are completely gone. She is not that worried about everything anymore. She relaxes much more and sleeps way better. She is happy and her ‘depression’ is gone. Really amazing! Thanks again. 🙂 🙂