Ayahuasca Zuid-Limburg is, as the name already says, situated in the most southern part of The Netherlands.

Situated between Belgium, a 15 minute drive away, and Germany, approx. a 15 minute drive away.

In and around the little tourist village (with city rights) there are some wonderful things you can do. For example: you can walk through the forest, you can drink a beverage on one of the coziest terraces of The Netherlands or you can bring a visit to Thermae 2000.

A wonderful nature and amazing environment to completely unwind.

The energy of the forest, the caves, the tranquility of nature, they all contribute to lead your body’s processes in the right direction and foster the growth of your soul.

Ayahuasca in Zuid-Limburg

Zuid-Limburg is a beautiful setting to participate in a Ayahuasca ceremony. We are located close to the historical Valkenburg, one of the prettiest places in Zuid-Limburg and The Netherlands. Nature, the forest, the caves of Valkenburg and the hills around Valkenburg all contribute to making your Ayahuasca experience unforgettable. An Ayahuasca ceremony is most of the time spread over two days (group session, or a part of a day (private session or duo session)), and the time you are here in Zuid-Limburg is at the same time a nice affair to discover what Valkenburg (and its surrounding) has to offer:

Nature of Zuid-Limburg

Zuid-Limburg has a unique landscape, filled with hills. The undulating plateaus which are interrupted by many streams in combination with the wooded areas surrounding Valkenburg are the things that make Zuid-Limburg a serene and inspiring environment. Zuid-Limburg is because of this the best place to attend an Ayahuasca ceremonie. The Belgian culture in the south and the German culture in the east show that Zuid-Limburg actually has no boundaries. For this reason, Zuid-Limburg is also called “The land without boundaries”. During the Ayahuasca ceremony you will discover that we, just like Zuid-Limburg, are able to push through borders. Borders that we impose on ourselves or get imposed by others. We are able to understand and possibly accept these borders by choosing a broader perspective. Zuid-Limburg, in its own characteristic way, is also a beautiful metaphor for Mother Ayahuasca.

The Christmas market of Valkenburg

The winter period is an excellent time for a Ayahuasca ceremony in Valkenburg. There is a Christmas Market in Valkenburg, around the Christmas holidays. The Christmas market of Valkenburg is the most famous Christmas market of The Netherlands. There is a lot to discover in and around Valkenburg during the Christmas market. For lovebirds, groups, but also for you (as an individual) the Christmas market of Valkenburg is an unforgettable experience. And during the Christmas market there are a lot of events involving the caves of Valkenburg.

Caves of Valkenburg

The caves of Valkenburg are always very inspiring and breathtaking, not only during Christmas time. The caves are wonderful to see, and they fit perfectly before or after a Ayahuasca ceremony.

To summarize

Zuid-Limburg and the surroundings of Valkenburg have a lot to offer and are truly an inspirational environment for a Ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca Zuid-Limburg expands your mind and offers a perfect opportunity to discover Zuid-Limburg. Do you want to know what to possibilities are? Take a look at our ‘Prices’ page or get in touch with us. We are ready to help you!