Is it better for me to join a group session or is it better for me to participate in a private session?

We understand that it is often hard to be part of a group that you do not know, especially when you are going to be exposed. Nevertheless, participating in a group is most of the time well-received. Everyone is in de group session for the same reason, working on themselves. This creates a certain solidarity in such a group. We exclusively work with small groups and because of that it stays a lot quieter then in a big group. If you still have trouble with a group, then there is also the possibility to book a private session and/or duo session.

Where and how can I register?

By easily contacting us through the contact form. Make sure your name and mail address are correct. We will get back to you, a.s.a.p. In the contact form you can state whether you want a group session or a private/duo session.

I use medicine, do I have to notify you about that?

YES!! Provide at all times the following information:
– When you use drugs
– Which drug you use
– How much of the drug you use
– When the last dose was
Bear in mind that dentist visits including sedition also need to be reported.

What may I (not) eat the days before the ceremony?

24 hours before and after the session the following food can better be avoided:

– Alcohol (in particular beer, red wine, port, Chianti), but also alcohol-free beer (because of brewer’s yeast)
– Yeast in vitamin supplements, marmite, tartex.
– Old cheese, cheese spread, processed cheese, various kinds of Brie, Camembert, Emmentaler, Gorgonzola, etc.
– Chicken liver, salami, saveloy, other meat-, fish- or wildlife species (especially if they’re not fresh), soy sauce, soybean paste, tempeh (tahoe is allowed).

The reason why this food can better be avoided is that these nutrition contains tyramine which causes a risk of major blood pressure rises.

How long does it work? When can I go home?

The effect of Ayahuasca lasts (on average) 4 till 6 hours. Including reception and awakening we count 8 hours. We recommend that everyone, who participates in our afternoon session, travels by public transportation or gets picked up. If you participate in an evening or night ceremony, then you will spend the night and you will leave the next morning. We strongly discourage people to drive home themselves after an afternoon session.

Do I have to bring something?

– Comfortable cloths
– Slippers
– Your own pillow. There is a pillow for you at the ceremony, but if you rather use your own, that’s allowed
– An object or photo that means something to you