Why ayahuasca

Why participate in a Ayahuasca ceremony?

You may have heard of it…the Ayahuasca ceremony or ritual. It is by far one of the most effective ways to clean your soul and mind. The Ayahuasca ceremony purely focuses on the renewing of your own being, helping you to understand the need to let go some of your past issues and propblems that hold no true value for your present state of mind. In fact, past experiences and lessons may well be a obstacle to achieve new goals in your life. The Ayahuasca ceremony helps you to understand the importance of being able to focus on what really matters. It is all about you, about bringing back the balance in your life.

The goal of the entire ceremony is to make you feel one again. One with your personal space, removing your own ego and restoring your own energy. And off course, that whole process will be guided carefully with experienced teachers. The Ayahuasca ceremony is a unique ritual which will allow you to have deep Ayahuasca experiences. Because of the intensity of the whole process, experienced guiding is required to help you to understand the emotions that may evolve from it and put them in the right perspective, making sure you can relate to them. That way we will enable you to replace the emptiness with more positive perspectives.

How to prepare yourself towards your personal Ayahuasca ceremony?

Like in any other cleansing ritual, we do have different ways on how to organise each individual participant. The Ayahuasca experience is very personal and therefor requires a thorough preparation. One of the thing we pride ourselves in is our level of transparency. We will inform you about anu kind of risk related to the Ayahuasca ceremony and we will offer you the right tools, based upon our extensive experience to give you the best possible Ayahuasca ritual. On its own, Ayahuasca is completely harmless. However, in combination with other substances or medications, the use of Ayahuasca may not be suitable for you. In order to get the best and most positive Ayahuasca experience, please do consider the following:

  • Pay full attention to the diet as suggested
  • Be well informed about Ayahuasca
  • Professional guidance during the Ayahuasca ceremony is vital, please do take this serious

The tab on this website named ‘health related information’ will provide you with all the necessary information you may require concerning the Ayahuasca ritual and everything that comes with it. You can also contact us directly to ask us anything you may wish to know. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel, which, in the end, will help you to get the best out of your own Ayahuasca experience.

The Ayahuasca ceremony

Each Ayahuasca ceremony is different. It is our privilege to guide large and small groups or even individual and duo-sessions. Because of the personal nature of the entire ceremony, we do prefer to guide small groups up to 6 individuals to ensure each participant the attention that is required. We offer different options for the ceremonies, depending on the size of the group.

The Ayahuasca ceremony for groups up to 6 individuals are held twice a month on a saturday. Individuals, couples or duo’s can request participation on either tuesdays or saturdays.

Make sure your own Ayahuasca experience is absolutely memorable. The Dutch specialist in Ayahuasca ceremonies will welcome you with open arms. Join us in Limburg, The Netherlands for a better Ayahuasca experience.